Barbie is Delicious!

Barbie is Delicious!

When I was a child my mother made doll cakes for little girls’ First Communions.

A doll cake, if you aren’t familiar, is a cake baked in a bowl.  Once baked, the bowl is flipped over to remove the cake, and the cake part becomes the skirt to a Barbie doll that is placed in the middle.  My mother would then decorate the Barbie and her pastry skirt to be a fetching mini-bride that little girls adored on their special day.

The dolls came with tiny, white high heels that my Mother didn’t need since the cake/skirt covered the doll from the waist down.  Mom gave the shoes to me to play with.

I’d take them down to the basement dryer that was, in my child’s mind, the island of invisible Amazon women that you could not see except for their shoes.  Everyone, of course, knows that invisible Amazon women (except for their shoes) are the arch enemy of GI Joe dolls, I mean, action figures.

Scoff if you must, but there were some intense battles over the washing machine.  It’s hard to fight invisible Amazon women especially if they kick off their heels in battle!

This was the story I told the first day of Spanish class here in San Miguel when asked to describe our favorite childhood toy.  Years later the teacher still tells me that was the most unexpected answer she’s ever received!

Well, I grew up and forgot all about doll cakes until I had my own daughter and wanted to make doll cakes for her.  However, I didn’t possess my mother’s cake decorating skills so I had to use chocolate icing and my doll cakes became ugly witch cakes, a Halloween favorite for many years.

Like with me, my daughter outgrew her interest in doll cakes and I didn’t give them another thought until I was living in Mexico.  Here I realized giving a gal a Barbie cake for a celebration was the best gift ever and I realized a local bakery could take my doll cake designs and make cakes from them.

Every dance class has a myriad of Guadalupes so she was one of my first creations.  Later Virgins and saints followed including Maria de la Luz, Maria de la Soledad, San Juan del Lagos, Christmas angels, St. Martha and her dragon among others.

Then there were the pop culture icons like Lucy Ricardo, Malificent, can can dancers, Dorothy and her witches, the Easter bunny plus Mexican Maria dolls and Catrinas.

Lads weren’t ignored including an Oratorio priest for a young lad joining the order plus a cross-dressing Ken just for birthday fun.

My epic misfire was ordering a cake with a baby to represent Mary as a baby on her birthday.  Requesting the cake resembled “Maria Nina” I picked her up to find Minions from the film on the cake.  I quickly realized that with my accent “Maria Nina” came across as “Minion”.   Uh oh….

Inevitably, no matter how pretty the cake was, all the dolls end up entering Barbie Heaven after being knifed.