In Clown News

In Clown News

The best part of a recent day was the clown and, really, how many times in life can you honestly say that? Particularly when you factor in a clown’s inherent creepiness with the release of the new theatrical version of Stephen King’s It.

When I was a child my oldest brother dropped out of the seminary, married a nice Jewish girl and became a clown in a traveling circus as Farmer Toone, his Wife and their Kid (a goat). I was very impressed! In my nine year old eyes he was a god!

However, since then the clowns I know of are normally unemployed magicians or serial killers of teen boys. Either way, a clown at a birthday party is in between gigs.

Mexicans have a different approach and think nothing of having a clown in the most serious of situations to be the comic voice of reason providing asides and double entendres.

The most recent clown I met at a three year old’s birthday party was probably a teen (hard to tell under all that make up) and could easily become a great stand up. He got the kids to run out to the adults to gather a wide variety of stuff to support his act. Keys were for the car he was going to steal, a phone to mock call the owner’s illicit lover and, naturally, each kid had to yank forward their most attractive single aunt!

Being the only foreigner present I knew it was only a matter of time before he focused on me, and he did. He wanted a kiss and I had two options. I could simply stand up with my arms crossed and be twice his size to scare him off, but realized it would be funnier if I hid behind an elderly woman for protection.

Honestly, I’ve never enjoyed a clown so much that I wasn’t related too.