Leave Them Laughing

Leave Them Laughing

Probably the best advice I got from my father was to always leave them laughing. That way you’ll be invited back.

With the month of May I received a bit of a break as does everyone with foreign clients from Spanish schools and massage therapists to plastic surgeons and horse trail guides.

Being me, I had big plans to go back to gym and resume by Spanish studies.  Instead I caught a bronchial infection and spent my days in bed.  Not easily thwarted I realized the one thing I could do while laying on my back for endless days, beyond watching Netflix, was grow a beard.  Not much of an accomplishment but with a choreography coming up where both the men and women had not one, but two fans, I thought a beard could make me appear less feminine, as a fan tends to do.

One night I awoke to the ever present cough and high tailed it to the bathroom never knowing if a coughing fit would lead to vomit or excrement.  I soon realized from my death rattle all I was heading towards was the cemetery.

Like with drowning, choking gives you that moment when you still have rational thought knowing you are dying.  All my life I had assumed if I had such a moment, I knew my last conscious thought would be gratitude to God for a life that despite many horrible moments, I greatly enjoyed and appreciated.

As I looked up and into the sink’s mirror my last thought was how bad the beard dye job I had done earlier that evening was.  It was black which a man my age or skin tone, would never have.  I looked ridiculous!

So instead of gratitude my last thought is, when presented the answer to ultimate question of how does one go out of this plane, “Well, I won’t be a pretty corpse at my funeral tomorrow.”

The depth of my vanity with this thought causes me to laugh so hard I can breathe again and survive the near-death episode.

So, what did I learn beyond the obvious fact that my vanity is at my deepest core?  That one must find the humor in every situation if you want to survive.