Maria Doll Doors

Maria Doll Doors is a San Miguel de Allende-based art project bringing fun and folly to our infamous doors and our world-renown Otomi-made Maria dolls. While San Miguel de Allende features a huge art scene the Maria Doll Doors play on a smaller visual scale featuring tiny doors and Maria dolls decorated to fit inconspicuously into their surroundings, like at a vet’s!

The dolls and doors are a great way to explore the town and enjoy terrific services from food to horseback riding along the way!  Be sure to post your images on Instagram or FaceBook at Joseph Toone Tours.

To learn more about the Maria Doll Door Project, click here.

To find where the Maria dolls and their doors are, click here.

To enjoy seeing the Maria dolls have a bit of fun, click here.