Joseph Toone Tours

Historical and Culture Walking Tours of San Miguel de Allende

Hiking Tour

Silver, Mules and Volcanos

Venture just behind the mall to enjoy the prettiest ranch around. View the hacienda where the mules were exchanged on the Silver Route and climb the most impressive Colonial Era water conservation project .  Then climb the… continue reading Silver, Mules and Volcanos

The 1672 Aqueduct and Mill with Waterfalls

Venture an hour outside of town to enjoy a hike through pastures, creeks, woods and a canyon leading to a 1672 aqueduct that supplied the energy for a mill. The remains of the mill surround… continue reading The 1672 Aqueduct and Mill with Waterfalls

The Cave Art Hiking Tour

Climb a mountain offering spectacular views of the lake (including where the chapel steeple pierces the waterline) and pre-Hispanic cave art. The walking is very strenuous, including a brief part on your hands and knees.… continue reading The Cave Art Hiking Tour