Bony Fingers Crossed

Bony Fingers Crossed

Is the end of the pandemic in San Miguel de Allende in the cards?  The crystal ball? A toss of the chicken bones?

As one who couldn’t imagine the pandemic being anywhere near as grand or lengthy, I’m not a proper soothsayer but I do see several signs at play.

As I write, we normally celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi with an hours-long procession through centro with the faithful, and the tourists, witnessing Christ’s presence in the Eucharist.  Suffice to say it’s not happening.  Nor is the upcoming Dia de Locos, our biggest tourism day of year celebrating St. Anthony, patron of lost things.

“Tony, Tony come around, something is lost and can’t be found.”  That something is our centuries old celebration of your feast day, and many others.

That being said, I’ve been hearing the scuttlebutt among fellow dancers efforts are in play to organize the celebrations of both Independence Day and St. Michael’s by the city.  Those occur in mid and late September, which in pandemic timing, isn’t that far away.

I really hope by September we are back to normal.  Not so much for the fiestas but schools then reopen with all students in attendance.  Sure, some have re-opened but few parents are willing to risk sending their kids there before the vaccine is given all.

Meanwhile some students are already aging out of school, or at the other end of age spectrum, missing out on learning the early lessons.  Not just of history, math, language and such but the important stuff like how to get along with others and work well in a group.  Two lessons a Northern education, stressing individualism and personal success, skim over.

I’m also really hopeful Day of the Dead opens back up in October as it is our biggest week of foreign tourism.  Sure, national tourism is more important and the backbone of our economy, but I miss that week filled with folks from around the world.  It excites me to see those from other cultures seek out a Mexican understanding of death. Let’s face it, how a culture views death greatly impacts how they live life and treat the living even when there is no pandemic.

Our other hopeful sign, the patroness of infectious smiles and shiny hair, Barbie, has announced the second release of a Day of the Dead Barbie.  Sure, she lacks the Mexican Maria’s doll’s inherent charm and fashion sense, but when a company as big as Mattel places their money on Day of the Dead coming back to life, signs are good.

Let’s keep our bony fingers crossed!