Celts Fighting For Mexico

Mexicans use March 17th  to honor the San Patricios. These Irish immigrants to the U.S. were drafted into the army and sent to fight in the Mexican-American War (1846-48).

Dismayed at fighting fellow Catholics and suffering from mistreatment by their Protestant commanders, hundreds of the Irish soldiers deserted to the “enemy” and formed the San Patricio Brigade of the Mexican Army. The San Patricos were the largest desertion in United States’ history.  Dozens were killed in battle, and many more were captured and executed as deserters by the Americans. The Mexicans remember them fondly as “The Irish Martyrs” and as heroes.

Hence, why when you pass a playground here in San Miguel you’ll often hear “Pato, Pato” which means duck and is a nickname for a lad named Patricio.  The St. Patrick statue in the Parroquia is filled with milagros (miracles) on his clothing has thanks from local Patricios and Patricias he has assisted.

The cookie sheet is a retablo from my brother, Pat, for his namesake’s help in providing him a handsome grandson!

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