City on Fire!

City on Fire!

Recently someone posted on social media about a fire roaring out of control just outside of centro with no firefighters in sight.  I received messages all day asking if Senora O’Leary’s cow had, once again, set a city ablaze.

I reassured pals the city was fine and the fire was a controlled burn, a typical occurrence this time of year following months of no rain.  I understand how it can be scary viewing flames if you don’t know what you are seeing.  Once I was just beyond Malanquin when a neighboring hill started to burn and I was amazed how fast fire spreads.  Plus driving by controlled burns along the highway at night is off-putting.

A controlled burn mimics natural fires. They are strategically designed by a team of fire experts and only occur under the safest conditions.  The best way to reduce the risk of a catastrophic wildfire is to restore our fields to their natural state with controlled, or prescribed, burns.

Advocates of controlled burns state they keep our communities safe by protecting our natural resources while ensuring that the environs remain healthy.

By managing the natural process of fire on the landscape, instead of simply preventing it, habitats improve for native plants, crops and animals while reducing the risk of having an out-of-control wildfire.  Many plants and animals depend on the recycled nutrients and healthy ecosystems fires produce.

Fire management in Mexico has been promoted by various governmental, civil and academic institutions as a strategy to minimize the negative impacts of wildfires and maximize the positive effects of controlled burns.

Here is an image from the day after the fire shown above where the old bath house ruins are between Santo Domingo and the Capilla de Piedra condos.  I’m always amazed just how precise controlled burns are as the areas beside it appear unfazed by all that heat.

You can expect more fires in the countryside in the coming days and realize all is being done to protect the town and our citizens!