Having it All: Mother, Mystic and Saint

Having it All: Mother, Mystic and Saint

Conchita lived many states of life: child, wife, mother, grandmother, widow and even being a nun dying in the arms of her children.  Local pilgrimages are being made to her nearby hometown as she is about to enter the final stages of being named a saint.

María Concepción Cabrera de Armida (aka, la Conchita) was born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, on December 8, 1862, the seventh of nine children born to wealthy landowning parents.   A tomboy fond of horses, she met her husband while a teen at a local ball.

Francisco de Armida proposed to Conchita at 13 though they didn’t marry until she was 21 by then transitioning from tomboy to a thin, vain woman fond of makeup and jewelry.  Once married she took up writing.  A lot.  Her total oeuvre amounts to more than 66,000 handwritten pages despite having to raise nine children.

Her major work was her vision of the Apostolate of the Cross featuring a cross with Jesus’ pierced heart and flames of the Holy Spirit.  Conchita’s Apostolate of the Cross is featured in the Parroquia and around town.

When 39 Conchita’s husband died as did her six year old son (her second son to have died at six).  Conchita herself died of pneumonia at 74.

Conchita lived a multi-faceted life being a single mother, mystic and writer.  She is to be beatified (final step in becoming a saint) in Mexico City on May 4th.  You can join a group of pilgrims on March second to visit the Hacienda de Jesús María in San Luis Potosi and view her image of the cross on a mountain top.