Toone Turkey Tours

Toone Turkey Tours

Start being thankful by learning how we celebrate thankfulness here in San Miguel de Allende.  Plus why we do all sorts of things including having so many free concerts Thanksgiving week (hint – there’s a reason local musicians name their daughters Cecilia).

The walking tour is led by Joseph Toone, San Miguel’s award winning and best-selling author of San Miguel de Allende Secrets book series on local history, culture and holidays.  Plus Toone is TripAdvisor’s best rated private tour guide and creator of the YouTube channel dedicated to San Miguel de Allende Secrets.  Toone is also an international speaker on the Power of the Feminine here in central Mexico.

Toone created the coloring book on the Mexican Maria dolls benefitting indigenous doll makers sponsored by National Geographic.

Toone’s tours are a primer for our town’s unique traditions and celebrations that are an extraordinary mixture of an ancestral pagan past and the Catholic faith.

Toone Turkey Tours are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday November 24-26 at 9:30AM, or by appointment for other days and times.  The cost is 500 pesos (or 25 USD per person, children free).  For more information visit or for reservations email