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The following Tours are outside of San Miguel and offer you a unique historical perspective of life outside of the city.

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To Not Haunt Your Former Home or Bank

So I’ve always been one of those responsible lads that did estate planning.  Even as a high school teen working part time at the Sears, I filled in all the forms so that if I died some life insurance money would float to the surface …

Women and Their Pesos

With March being Women’s History Month and while American quarters are released year after year revealing a wide range of American gals with varied accomplishments, I pondered if Mexican pesos may soon do the same?  If so, who should be featured? Of course we’ve long …

Hollywood’s Mexican Cowgirl

If asked about the success of Mexican actresses in Hollywood I’d have assumed it was a straight line between the early Hollywood successes of Lupe Velez (a comedian) alongside Dolores Del Rio (a great beauty of the 1930’s) to the 1990’s Salma Hayek (who filmed …