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The following Tours are outside of San Miguel and offer you a unique historical perspective of life outside of the city.

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The Business of Mary

Whether visiting or living in San Miguel de Allende it is important to know the basics of Mary, Jesus’ Mom, the most popular Jewish woman in town that stares down at you from nearly every street corner. Plus being a graduate of Mary 101 will …

The Allure of Cobblestones

Often on tours I talk of St. Theresa who wrote frequently about being one with God.  When one with God, St. Theresa would levitate and have orgasms, known as her ecstasies.  If you ride a city bus to the mall, you’ll notice a life-sized image …

Valle de Maiz Tour and Festival

Valle De Maiz is one of San Miguel’s oldest neighborhoods and has strong indigenous roots. The festival honors the Holy Cross and goes on for days reflecting when the Spanish gave three days off work to the indigenous Otomis and Chichimecas in late May. It’s …