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The following Tours are outside of San Miguel and offer you a unique historical perspective of life outside of the city.

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Kitty was Right, About Jamie Lee of all Things!

You have to be a baby brother to know how painful it is to write ‘they were right’ about an older sibling.  I’ve spent a lifetime making fun of each one of them to compensate for being the youngest and weakest for far too long. …

Valentine Kiss Me Tour

Enjoy learning how locals, past and present, experienced love and romance with your sweeties! Learn about the: Priest that fathered both the nation and several children Hollywood movie star’s obsession with his mother Last minute cancellation of a wedding to be a bride of Christ …

Bothering Jesus

When I moved to the Deep South not only did I enjoy the Low County breezes complete with peach-sized mosquitoes, but I was amazed how everyone had a personal relationship with Jesus. For the indigenous of San Miguel, as well as anyone who went to …