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The following Tours are outside of San Miguel and offer you a unique historical perspective of life outside of the city.

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Birds of a Feather, Make Great Art

Feather-based art seen in town today are the traditional indigenous dancers with decorated headdresses, staffs, lances, fans, bracelets and sandals.  All these feathers are a subset of an art form that reached its zenith just prior to the Spanish Conquest to about a century afterwards. …

Gift Giving Ninjas

Gift giving is an art and as with any art it is a mixture of sensitivity and perspective.  As a foreigner living in Mexico these are some tricks of the trade I’ve learned that have served me well and will help your gifting fit in …

Ancient Chapel Jewels

There is the old adage that the best place to hide is often in plain sight.  This certainly holds true for some of the most ancient chapels in San Miguel de Allende.  There are several chapels from the 1700s that are tiny jewels in the …