A rare opportunity exploring:
  • The Silver Route where it remains much like in the 1600s
  • A cloistered monastery enjoying the art, views and vibes.  Feel free to bring chocolate covered Oreos as certain friars adore them and the sugar rush makes them a bit chatty for cloistered lads.
  • Atotonilco where the Revolution from Spain began and where the murals draw over 5,000 visitors every week.
  • The oldest functioning dam and enjoy a brief walk in the countryside laden with ancient architecture!
  • The chapel where San Miguel started.  Here you’ll enjoy the wide array of indigenous symbolism that including a boot wearing angels that appear to be homage to Nancy Sinatra but actually have a deeper meaning.
The cost is 1500 pesos per person, or 75 USD.  We leave at 9AM and are back around 1:30, in time for lunch.